If writing is not your thing, or you simply need assistance, then we may be able to help.

Here’s some of the typical authoring services we provide – but if you want to discuss additional needs, just get in touch and we can chat about the best way forward.

User Requirements

You already have the idea, but the problem is that it is in your mind – and you don’t have the time, or the inclination, or indeed feel you have the capability, to write it down. And even if you did, you are concerned it would not make any sense to anyone apart from yourself!

Let us worry about that – following an initial virtual meeting, we will write all your ideas, plans, goals, etc. down into a structured format, which can then be used as part of the development process – saving time, effort, and cost later down the line.

As part of the process, we will work together to validate definitions, goals, expectations: this can also be a powerful tool in helping you to refine your thinking, ideas, and plans.

Whether your ideas are business, process, data, technical or simply “just ideas”, we can help.

Tendering Processes

Having a decent specification is a great start, but only part of the story if you intend to commission an external developer or organisation to implement. Can you be sure that you’ve identified the most appropriate supplier? Is cheapest always best? Is what the potential supplier is claiming realistic, genuine, and relevant? Do they truly understand precisely what you want? Above all, could you potentially work with them?

If you need assistance and guidance in creating, managing and following through on selection processes, we can assist, whether it is one element, or the entire process from start to finish including logistics, scoring matrices, interviews, and negotiation.

Let our experience inform your decision-making process.

Translation services

Sometimes, documents and specifications can appear as if they were written in a foreign language. You may be fully familiar with the jargon, terms and phrases of your own business environment and market, but perhaps the world of technology leaves you puzzled, dazed and confused.

And when you speak to potential suppliers, developers, and technical contacts, they simply don’t seem to understand plain English needs expressed in functional terms.

Sound familiar?

If so, we can assist in providing a link between the techno-speak, and your clear business understanding and requirements. We can provide a conduit between the two worlds, “interpreting” your needs into language the developer understands, and conversely, decyphering any questions, issues and requests the developer may make, and rephrasing them into plain English.