Cyber Security and Cyber Essentials Certification

Sadly, the risk of a cyber security attack is an increasingly real threat these days: the size, nature and focus of your business matters little to these criminals. Mitigating risk should be a mandatory requirement for any organisation, but can seem like a minefield, and huge money-pit. Fortunately, in practice, small changes can frequently make a huge difference to the level of cyber security risk.

We can provide impartial advice based on an initial review and audit, as well as potentially assist with implementation of recommendations, covering the basics – such as backups, password security, etc. – as well as more in-depth areas such as router configuration, firewalls, and UPS.

With the increasing likelihood that public sector organisations and funders will look towards the level of cyber security of its supply chain, it may be advantageous to consider gaining Cyber Essentials Certification. We can provide guidance, advice, and general background assistance geared towards you achieving Certification, cost effectively and with the minimum of disruption.