Most businesses benefit from an online presence, but sometimes addressing that need gets pushed further and further down the to-do list.

In the current climate, that approach is no longer sustainable – you have to do something about it, to have any chance of commercial survival.

We can provide assistance through discussing a wide range of options, and recommending solutions for consideration – whether it is a website, or moving your operations to the cloud, or simply ensuring your staff are able to continue to work together successfully, remotely and online, from home.

Remote working during Covid-19 Pandemic

Much of the world finds itself having to rapidly adjust to totally different working practices, needs, and expectations, and it is only the fleetest of foot who keep pace with this “new norm” that will survive. Implementing the infrastructure to address the changed operational practices seems a challenge but in practice is much easier than expected – it is more about the cultural changes needed.

We can outline options for consideration based on you and your team’s needs, circumstances, and operational processes: many organisations already have the bulk of what is needed, but simply have not had the inclination, desire, or time to implement. The current Covid-19 scenario changes all this – we can help to ensure you don’t get caught by the wayside.


If you’d like to discuss your existing website, or plans to create a website, we can help. From small basic websites, to website you can add content to and maintain yourself, to e-commerce systems incorporating stock control, CRM, EPOS and other automation, we have the experience to help you achieve your goals.

We can advise on hosting, email mailboxes, digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, and social media – and find out what works best for your business goals and aspirations.

Digital Marketing

Whether you have a clear vision in mind and just need someone to handle, or whether you have no clear understanding of the various options available and would like to better understand, we can help.

Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Pay Per Click marketing, bulk email and newsletter despatch – all have their place. If you simply want someone to handle a Mail Chimp bulk email or newsletter campaign, and to ensure that all aspects of GDPR and similar legislation are addressed and you are compliant, or whether you need to understand where, how and if social media is for you – contact us to find out which of these would benefit your company, and provide the most cost-effective return on your investment.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Creating a website and having a social media presence is not enough in today’s competitive world: tools and techniques need to be utilised to ensure your services and products are prominent in a potential customer’s web search – both for traditional computer users, and increasingly, for smartphone users. This is where Search Engine Optimisation plays a key role, and it is important to ensure your online presence is honed to return the optimum results.

We can guide you through the options available, including optimising your website, linking appropriately to your social media presence, and using the tools to help you keep on top of your online presence – such as Google™ Analytics.

A likely first step is to conduct a detailed SEO review of your existing website, which will include high-level recommendations where significant shortfalls are identified.

Cloud technology

It is hard these days not to read about “Cloud” technology. But just what is it, is it secure and reliable, how expensive is it, is your broadband fast enough…are all important questions: however, the most important of all is – is it right for you?

Most businesses have far more questions to ask before any kind of informed decision can be made, and this is where our experience working with a wide range of businesses across the UK can help expedite your decision making process, and ensure you get a solution that is of benefit and appropriate to your operations.