Many businesses start off with the best of intentions regarding keeping up to date and on top of licensing – increasingly important now in terms of maintaining cyber security. But as the business grows, the IT infrastructure sometimes gets left behind – potentially triggering gaps in security, data integrity and resilience, and reducing the efficiency of operations as a whole.

Our range of services can identify opportunities for improvement, whether software, hardware, infrastructure, procedures and policies, or any other aspect of operations.

Here’s a few typical examples of the services we have provided to many businesses throughout the UK.

Software & Hardware Reviews

For us, your business need is key: technology and processes should simply be the enabler. But how do you know it is fit for purpose? Following a site visit (virtual during the current Covid-19 restrictions), we will produce a report of your existing infrastructure, cross-matched against your current business processes, data flows and operational practices, to determine whether your IT operations are in good shape, or would benefit from some level of enhancement.

Whether it is to better understand the implications of older software and operating systems, or perhaps you are not sure if your Wi-Fi is secure, or maybe you are concerned that you don’t have adequate anti-virus protection, or a backup policy in place, or that you simply want to check that your cyber security is fit for purpose – we can help, in straight forward, plain language.

And if required, our report can make suggestions as to how potential enhancements may improve your business operations efficiency, and feed into delivering your business aspirations and goals.

Software Audit

If you are not sure what software you have, or whether you have up to date licensing, current versions, etc. then we can conduct a software audit and present the answer in a simple to read summary report. If appropriate, we can also show you how to update the audit to enable you to keep on top of things, moving forward.

Web & Online presence Reviews

Unsure as to whether your website is hitting its target? Wondering if it is performing as well as it could do in search engines?

If so, let us conduct an impartial review of your website and Search Engine Optimisation SEO performance. We’ll produce a report outlining the website’s current performance, together with some outline suggestions as to where potential enhancements could be made, which you can give to your existing, or next web developer. Alternatively, if preferred, we can also help you implement those changes too.

We can also cover Social Media advice, content provision, and training services too, ensuring maximum benefit is realised from your online presence.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Is your website not pulling in the number of enquiries you’d like? Does it no longer appear at the top of the first page in a website search engine’s results?

A comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation review is frequently most enlightening, helping to identify shortcomings, out-of-date practices, and omissions. Even websites created as recently as 12-24 months ago can be under-performing: securing one of our SEO reviews will analyse performance, and identify recommendations towards enhancing your online presence.

And if necessary, we can help you address those shortfalls, through training, sourcing a new developer, or even providing SEO services directly to you.

Business Process and Systems Specialist

Sometimes, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Over time, you’ll probably have developed processes that you are fully familiar with and that work…but have you ever wondered if there is a better way? What are you missing? Do you do something simply because you’ve always done it?

We can work with you to better understand your business, process and systems workflow, and identify hotspots, bottlenecks, areas of low efficiency, etc. Our report will highlight not only the deficiencies, but also outline potential solutions: not just work-arounds.

The current Covid-19 restrictions are an ideal time to review your current, and anticipated, operating practices – most organisations need to change in line with new business opportunities, customer expectations, and the “new norm”. Is yours geared up to maximise the new opportunities?